Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ding Ding ,... Round Two!

Remember this? Guess what... he didn't reply! (sorry to put a downer on an otherwise good day.)

This is what I sent to him, I don't think I was asking too much. Keep in mind this was 2 weeks ago and before Charles Clarke responded to Rachel Norths Dad, and most of these points were raised 2 days ago at the London Assembly testimony hearing, and hopefully will be corrected as a result of that.

Dear Shaun Woodward.

I am Steven Lovegrove, and live in your constituency. Last summer I was caught up in the July 7th London Bombings on the Piccadilly Underground Line, I was three metres from the bomber and suffered head injuries and mild concussion. I and many other survivors are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and feel a lack of closure with how the follow-up has been conducted. I feel strongly that there should be a public inquiry. While this is a national issue, as you are my MP I feel I should contact you. I am not trying to point the finger at anyone, I just feel we owe it to those who died in vain to at least try and learn how we can react better in a similar situation, or prevent another similar crime.

For example: communications on the day between police, ambulance crews and London Underground were poor, paramedic crews and ambulances mostly went to Kings Cross, however, the worst injured were taken in the other direction underground to Russell Square and had to wait for proper medical attention.

I also feel that the issue of young British men turning to such extreme acts needs more attention. It is a real worry to me that these young men, the same age as me, felt driven to do this. Surely it makes sense to have an open review of how we can better prevent these incidents while we still face a considerable terrorist threat. I feel it deserves greater scrutiny, after such a needless and massive loss of life we must attempt to learn from it.

Only good can come from a public inquiry. So my question is: Why do we as yet have no inquiry?

Or, could you, on my and many other survivors and bereaved families behalf make the case for one. Surely our opinions should be acted upon as we witnessed and have to live with the horrors of that day forever. I would greatly appreciate your response.

Yours Sincerely,

Steve Lovegrove

Today I got a reply from 'write to them'

The majority of MPs
respond promptly and diligently to the needs and views of their
constituents. They deserve credit and respect for their

Likewise, we're keen to expose the minority of MPs who don't seem to
give a damn.
It seems Shaun Woodward is in the minority of MPs 'who don't seem to give a damn'. I will ask him why he doesn't. (when I have time).


Blogger steve said...

fjl, thanks for the support, I don't feel the need to keep pushing anymore. What a difference a day (and a letter) makes. Just saying words to the effect of 'I'm sorry you went through that' means a lot. It is the small things!


it is obviously far more useful writing a good testimony and reccomendations than writing to my MP!

I might let him off the hook

2:31 AM  

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