Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dear Shaun...

This infuriated me, Charles Clarke is elected to represent his constituents but refuses to answer a simple and justified question, and at the same time insults the questioner. I have just written to my MP Shaun Woodward outlining my concerns for a public enquiry into the July 7th bombings. I encourage anyone else who feels strongly about this to do the same. You can do it here. I will let you know WHEN I get a reply as I wont give up till I get one.


Blogger ozzyru27 said...

Hi Steve

Thank you for your comment on my blog, regarding the letter I have written to my local MP, asking him what he can do to request a public inquiry.
Great you've written to yours to. I hope very much you get a reply soon. I was quite surprised to receive mine this morning!
I hope by Rachel posting about what I wrote and the response, will set off an 'mp writing revolution so to speak', I am certainly going to press mine for more imput in parliment.
I have listed ideas on Rachels comments about other ideas that could be done, to publicise the petition and get people involved to fight for an inquiry. Probably all nuts, but getting as many involved as possible can only put more stress on the government to do something. Im coming up with more ideas as I sit here with a temperature rising, got flu!
I hope our local mps, are the start!
Best wishes
Ruth x

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