Monday, April 09, 2007

What a few months...

You really wouldn't believe the month I've had. In brief:

1. Went to Berlin for 4 days so went shopping to Chester for new clothes in anticipation of German temperatures. Tried to get under the Mersey on the underground, except it was ON FIRE so I couldn't get down at Lime Street where I usually do, then every station on the circuit (it goes round in a loop under Liverpool) was shut down and evacuated as I tried to enter it as I tried one station after the other.

2. Finally set off for Berlin, stayed in London for two nights prior to flying from Stanstead. Got the willies on the tube as the driver got a message Holborn was shut down and evacuated as I approached it and I saw everyone exiting Holborn as we went through at top speed. Turns out the power went down because of a bust water main.

3. Finally got to Berlin. Ate a freeze dried Air Berlin ham sandwich on the flight. Spent the first night with my head in a German toilet with food poisoning. Was exhausted for the rest of the time we were there, effectively only getting one full day to see what we wanted. I would love to go back though.

4. On returning home my mum had been taken seriously ill in hospital, her lung had collapsed and there were other complications. She died on the 19th of February within 24 hours of being back in the UK and finding out she was ill.

5. Had tickets to see The Black Keys in Manchester and despite my mum’s death 4 days earlier I went as I felt at a total loose end. Booked a taxi to get home from the station, the driver FELL ASLEEP SEVERAL TIMES on the way home and smashed another cars mirror off.

I won’t ever forget that 6am call from the Hospital, the type where you know what is going to be said by the first ring of the phone. But despite all this, I actually feel quite upbeat. I try to focus on happy thoughts of my mum as much as I can, and just get on with it. All the other stuff however, I don’t know, people have commented that I am particularly unlucky, but I believe you make your own luck so that doesn’t faze me.